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Why I love Hypnobirthing...

I discovered Hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my second child. I had a difficult birth with my first child and was determined to find something to make me feel less fearful that my second birth would be the same. I bought a book and read about the techniques they recommended liking some more than others. It wasn't until I understood the physiology of birthing and the effect that stress has on the birthing process that I had an "eureka" moment: I had made my first birth far more difficult than it needed to be.

It wasn't the breathing exercises or the positions that were going to make my second birth a calm and life-affirming experience, it was my own state of mind! Just like a marathon runner, or an Ironman competitor (like my husband!) knows, you can train all you like, but if you dont believe you can succeed then you wont!

So I threw myself into the mindset, chose a mantra, practiced my breathing and positions, conditioned myself to use them when I was struggling. And I did struggle at times; I had S.P.D. (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) during this pregnancy so struggled to be active, I had to look after a boisterous 18 month old with little support, and to top it off, the morning I went into labour my childcare fell through, so my husband dropped me at the hospital and had to go home to take care of my son, leaving me to birth baby no.2 alone.

I could have panicked, I could have been upset, setting my labour back and stressing both me and baby out, but I thought of tools I had chosen to support me, and made my way to the MLBU, stopping for each wave of contraction and breathing through it. I think I rather worried the two men sharing the lift with me on the way up; they practically leapt out the lift doors when we stopped!

I can honestly say, that hypnobirthing got me through my 13 hour labour with only gas and air towards the end, and was responsible for my calm and controlled birth of my 10lb 3oz little chunky with no tearing or interventions. So different from my first experience of 52 hours and an episiotomy, but the biggest difference was that there was no feeling of rising panic, like I wasnt in control.

I trained to be a Hypnobirthing practitioner so that I could help other women turn thier births into wonderful, empowering experiences rather than something to fear. So to all women who are interested or curious about what Hypnobirthing is; give yourself the gift of calm and confident birthing!

And remember you can use it for more than just the birth; I have bubble-breathed my way through many a toddler tantrum!

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